Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Brad's Raw Dog Treats" Takes Over Hershey!

This past weekend, Brad's Raw 4 Paws went to the Barkleigh Productions Groom Expo in Hershey, PA to officially launch Brad's Raw Dog Treats. We were on a mission to transform Hershey from "The Sweetest Place On Earth" to "The Healthiest Place On Earth" - for a few days, at least! We couldn't wait to show off our "rawesome" new product and gain some insight and feedback from those in the pet industry. Fortunately for us, everyone's response was overwhelmingly positive!
We had a great time spreading the kale with people and pups alike. We met a lot of folks well informed about raw food, and were also lucky enough to educate some who had never heard of dehydrated raw products. Regardless, the way the dogs gobbled up our treats was proof of the power of raw - even pets can't resist! We even managed to convince a few people to taste test our human-grade treats, and everyone approved!
When we weren't spreading the kale, we were busy "awww-ing" all the adorable dogs who stopped by the Brad's Raw Dog Treats booth. There seemed to be an abundance of dogs in clothing, handbags, or with colorfully dyed fur. We think they could pull off anything with those faces, though!
One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Gerry Kass, owner of Pop's Pet Organics. Gerry makes USDA Certified organic pet shampoos, all-purpose cleaners, flea and tick sprays, and various other pet products. As this was our first expo for Brad's Raw Dog Treats, we enjoyed talking with Gerry about his years of experience in the pet industry - and he was excited to see another company promoting healthy living for pets!
All in all, the Barkleigh Productions Groom Expo was a rewarding experience, and we were happy to receive an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm for Brad's Raw Dog Treats. To continue your support of our new endeavor, "like" Brad's Raw 4 Paws on Facebook and participate in our "Doggie Photo Contest!" Simply upload a picture of your pooch doing something healthy, and the person whose picture has the most "likes" will win a $100 Visa gift card!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Brad's Raw Dog Treats Photo Shoot

Brad’s Raw Foods has gone to the dogs…literally. We’re excited to announce that Brad is launching a line of raw pet food products, called Brad’s Raw 4 Paws. Applying his experience in living foods for people, Brad created an organic treat for dogs that’s nourishing and delicious. Brad’s Raw Dog Treats were bred in the same tradition as Brad’s Raw Chips. These people-grade goodies contain fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, and are dehydrated below 118 degrees to preserve essential enzymes. They are 100 percent natural, and contain no preservatives, fillers, extenders or chemical. Each flavor promotes different aspects of canine health. To celebrate this achievement, we brought in some special guests for a fun (and furry) photo shoot with Brad. Meet our models:
The day started off bright and early at a local park…and then turned not so bright. Our models were not happy when it started raining dogs (no cats, as it was an all dog kind of day) and were worried about their hair and makeup getting ruined, so we headed back to The Chip Factory to continue on with the show. But not before we got a few good shots of Brad and Lucy…
Back at The Chip Factory, the real fun began. There was a lot of smiling, tail wagging, and even a bit of drooling. All of the dogs (and even Brad!) enjoyed taste testing the raw treats. Lucy – being the only female – was clearly the star of the show and wowed everyone with her sweet disposition and photogenic face. Banksy, Ted, and Blue took it well, though, and everyone was able to have some quality Brad-time.
By the time the photo shoot ended, the weather was all blue skies and sunshine. Ted and Blue had enough of their fifteen minutes of fame and headed home, but Brad, Lucy, and Banksy headed back to the park for some more good shots – and also some exercise.
The day ended with dogs and humans alike exhausted, but excited about this new addition to the Brad’s Raw Foods family. Check out the Brad’s Raw 4 Paws Facebook page to stay updated and visit us at the Groom Expo in Hershey from Sept. 7-9 at booth 59!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brad's Raw Media Blitz

Brad in a jovial mood before his one-on-one interview
at the 6ABC Studios this week

The summer has been frantic thus far for Brad and the company he founded. Brad's Raw Chips and Leafy Kale are now available on the West Coast, and more locations are being added every day. A hectic schedule notwithstanding, there was still time for Brad to sit down and discuss his story with a variety of media outlets. 

If you've never heard Brad's story or are missing a few minor details, the 29-minute interview he just did with Dream Job Radio is a fantastic resource. Brad discusses his path from dehydrating kale for personal use to landing in virtually every Whole Foods on the East Coast. He also talks about how life as an entrepreneur is different this time around, and makes a big announcement about an upcoming project. Daniel and Leah Lakstins host the segment titled "Getting Your Product to Store Shelves."

On Tuesday Brad taped an interview and roundtable segment with CEO IntroNetTV at the 6ABC Studio in Philadelphia. CEO IntroNetTV is a relatively new venture aimed to help executives network and discuss best practices. Brad was joined by Liability Transfer Corporation's President and CEO Brian Fillion, and First Financial Group's CEO and President Harris Fishman. Here are a few photos from the studio.

Brad discussing his story and business
with his fellow guests in the board room
Setting up for the roundtable
Talking shop after the segment
Brad in the lobby before heading home
Brad also appeared on the What Matters Most Show produced by the Experience Nirvana Foundation. He discussed his transition to the raw food diet and the new path of his life with Eric Anzalone, former member of The Village People. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Party at Camp Pergament

Brad, Arthur and Giuliana shortly after
the storm passed Saturday night

Brad's epic week in the Hamptons culminated Saturday night in style. Arthur Pergament's partly was an assault on the senses from start to finish. Around 200 guests enjoyed a full complement of Organic Avenue's (@organicavenue) famous cold-press juices and snacked on Brad's leafy kale (@bradsrawfoods), which was conveniently available on every table as the crowd arrived. 

A heroic effort by event organizer's in Saturday's stifling heat transformed Arthur's backyard into a mind-blowing landscape filled with fluorescent lighting, colorful characters and full stereo sound. Thunderclaps and bolts of lightning did briefly interrupt the proceedings, but partygoers rallied and enjoyed themselves late into the night. 

Our full picture gallery is now available online by clicking here

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day, Bonfire Clambake

Arthur and Giuliana look for a good spot
at Georgica Beach on July 4th
The second leg of Brad's Fourth of July extravaganza in the Hamptons began with a few stops to drop off Brad's Raw chips and kale. First up was Whole Foods in East Hampton, and it was slammed with holiday traffic. Next, Brad dropped in on Provisions Natural Foods Market and Organic Cafe (@pronaturalfoods) and The Juicy Naam in Sag Harbor. The Juicy Naam is the premier place to go in the Hamptons for fresh juices and cleansing coaching, and there are two locations (Sag Harbor, East Hampton).

Owner/operator of the Juicy Naam (@thejuicynaam) Giuliana Torre specializes in custom cleanses and one-on-one wellness tutorials designed to transform body and mind. She offers support and coaching, and her stores serve a broad menu of juices loaded with the most nutritious organic ingredients and superfoods. Both stores are absolutely beautiful, and now they're fully stocked with Brad's Raw Chips (@BradsRawFoods). Stop by and tell Giuliana that Brad sent you!

On the 4th of July, Giuliana, Brad and Arthur Pergament, one of the owners of Organic Avenue (@organicavenue), spent the day at Georgica Beach in the lovely village of East Hampton. Aside from enjoying the scenery, Brad relished the opportunity to absorb bits of wisdom from his two friends who know practically everything there is to know about juicing. 

The trio left the beach, and on the way home detoured to pick up groceries for a healthy feast. Giuliana was gracious enough to prepare dinner at Arthur's home, where Brad is spending his week. The night's fare included fresh salads, a huge bowl of fresh cut tomatoes, and tuna on the grill. It was more than enough to feed the dozen dinner guests who congregated in Arthur's spacious outdoor dining area. 

Brad especially enjoyed his conversation with Jonathan and Diana Cohen. Jonathan is highly sought after consultant who offers social media advice to Fortune 500 companies. 

Brad sitting next to Mrs. Diana Cohen

Thursday night Arthur organized a festive clambake and bonfire at Sagg Main Beach. The night was one to remember, and everyone in attendance enjoyed a beautiful sunset, watched the tide wash ashore in the moonlight, and cooked s'mores on the open fire. Giuliana was happy to have someone else take care of cooking this time.

A buffet line form's at Thursday's campfire clambake on Sagg Main Beach

Giuliana and Arthur at Thursday's Clambake

The crowd snacked on Brads Raw leafy kale and hydrated with a variety of juices from Organic Avenue before the main course. The clambake included seared tuna, steamed clams and muscles, shrimp, lobster, corn on the cob, and the biggest, freshest salad Brad has ever encountered in his life. Brad enjoyed a few Organic Avenue juices to get the night started, had a heaping of salad, and then went down the line sampling a little bit of everything on the menu.

His philosophy on occasions like this is not to deprive himself or his palate of experiencing the different tastes and textures available, but to find a healthy balance. 

"I want people to know that if you go out to an event like this, you don't have to give up all the good stuff," he said. "I make sure that I'll feel good the following day, and that I'm eating plenty of foods that are good for my body."

Brad's typical routine following an eventful evening out where a wide array of foods are served and sampled is a rejuvenating morning packed with green smoothies, juices, and salads. 
There were about 20 people, a mix of locals and friends, enjoying each other's company in the moonlight at Sagg Main before all was said and done. Brad wanted to give special thanks to Arthur for setting everything up, and all of the new friends he's met in the Hamptons for being so warm and welcoming.

Watch for more stories filed from the Hamptons this weekend. Tonight's schedule includes another festive dinner and karaoke. Saturday is the big bash hosted by Arthur, Organic Avenue, Brad, and Brad's Raw Foods.